The Joy of Outdoor Science Education

“What a wonderful group! These gorgeous teen and tweens – our future – give me so much hope.”

Anne Haywood, Founder of Mountain to Sea Education, Inc. and National Geographic Fellow

This year has provided many amazing opportunities for GEN2050 students to experience the joy of outdoor science education while learning about environmental sustainability. I believe I have enjoyed these experiences as much as they have! As a group, we have A) participated in marine biology experiments at Biscayne National Park,

B) beta-tested the brand new GEN2050 curriculum written by our team, “Ethnobotany and the Expressive Arts for Change, during summer camp,

C) participated in two National Geographic iNaturalist Bioblitz events with Anne Haywood, entomologists from ZOO Miami, and a team of volunteers. During our first the GEN2050 students identified over two hundred species of insects at Patch of Heaven Sanctuary. Our second Bioblitz, held in September 2021, was filmed by Anne Haywood’s team of National Geographic explorers and videographers. (Stay tuned for the video!)

In 2022, I intend to connect the Miami-based GEN2050 students with Environmental Awareness Academy students in Canterranas, Honduras on a joint reforestation project. On November 23, 2021, Zamorano University donated 240, one-year-old trees to the Environmental Awareness Academy for planting in Honduras at Finca San Lucas. EAA Board Member, Dr Jackie Avila Buck, PharmD, and a group of EAA students and parents were there to receive this generous gift. The types of trees we received included Mango, Guayabas, Nances, Marañones, Guanabana, Tamarind, Jacaranda, Neem, Caraos, Macuelizos, Cortez, and Cassias trees. Planting trees is one way young people can participate in combatting climate change and increasing environmental sustainability in the ecosystems they depend on. I believe there is so much to be gained by students living in two countries, working together on a common goal: environmental sustainability through reforestation.

Galeano Coffee Company has graciously agreed to work collaboratively with us on this 2022 initiative. Read more about it by following this link: COFFEE FOR A CHANGE.

(photo credits: Linda Freeman, Biscayne Bay, Florida August 2021; Michele Lozano, Redland, Florida, July 2021; Shireen Rahimi, Redland, Florida October 2021; Jackie Avila Buck, Canterranas, Honduras, November 2021)

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Linda Pulley Freeman combines her specialized training in environmental and chemical engineering with her deep ministerial commitment as she serves mission fields at home and abroad.

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