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Bee Free Apiary combines a passion for the environment and honey bees with educational and social service programs that teach young adults how to respect nature and the food we eat through urban beekeeping. Honeybees and other pollinators facilitate the production of 30% of our food supply.

Today, we control the natural environment with pesticides, herbicides, lawn and landscaping services, urban planning, and large-scale agricultural farming practices. In some cases, we attempt to re-engineer nature. Currently, the debates are raging about the connections between climate change, ocean warming, loss of biodiversity, and other environmental sustainability topics. How can we meet these real-time environmental challenges?

Linda believes part of the answer is for each one of us to take action. This is why she became a certified beekeeper and conducts urban gardening activities incorporating urban beekeeping. In Spring 2020, Bee Free Apiary will be expanding to Montura Ranches, Florida in the Florida Pine Rocklands ecosystem.

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