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In November 2016, Linda had a big idea to start a summer program for under-resourced, urban, middle and high school students focused on entrepreneurship, environmental conservation, personal leadership, and community service. She titled it GENERATION 2050. Some people were skeptical when she described the program concept to them. Some even wondered out loud if the program was too ambitious and too intense for the targeted youth. Their skepticism made her more determined to find a way for her idea to come to life.

With the help of some good friends, collaborative partners, and funding from The Children’s Trust, GEN2050®️ began on June 5, 2017 with a cohort of 50 middle and high school students. Over a seven week period, GEN2050®️ youth began building skills in:

  1. Entrepreneurship – GEN2050®️ youth learn entrepreneurship skills and develop their own business plan utilizing The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s curriculum.
  2. Self-Leadership – GEN2050®️ youth learn how to avoid risky behaviors that could endanger their health and their future plans from PlanBe__ program staff.
  3. Urban Gardening & Urban Beekeeping – They learn the basic sciences behind urban gardening and urban beekeeping, and how their actions are intersecting with global environmental conservation efforts. They put their learning into practice in Trinity Church’s Urban Garden and at Patch of Heaven Sanctuary in Redland, Florida.
  4. Mindfulness – Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Neighborhood HELP program teaches the students mindfulness practices to enhance their capacity to focus, as well as practice gratitude and compassion.

Momentum from the summer camp has inspired a year-round program. Read more about GEN2050®️ on its website by following this link: GEN2050


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To learn more about GEN2050®️, follow this link to the website: GEN2050 You may also send an email to linda@gen2050.com. Use the form below and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest GEN2050®️ news and projects.

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