Never Ever Give Up


One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up. (Luke 18:1 NLT)


I am so inspired by Diana Nyad’s historic, successful swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida. I am inspired by her physical strength at age 64. I am inspired by her courage to swim 103 miles in jelly-fish and shark infested waters. I am inspired by her determination. And I am inspired by her words. After she got out of the water on September 2, 2013, she said:


“I have three messages. One is, we should never, ever give up. Two is, you’re never too old to chase your dream. Three is, it looks like a solitary sport, but it is a team.” ~ Diana Nyad


More than one journalist has noted that her success is an encouragement for anyone over the age of 50. I am 50 years old. In our youth-centered culture, younger and newer is typically equated with smarter and better. “Older” people are expected to slow down, relax, and make way for younger people. But it took Diana five attempts over thirty-five years to develop the skills, the equipment, the strategy, and the team that made this attempt a success. Thirty-five years of wisdom built on experience. What she has accomplished encourages me to keep dreaming big dreams and moving forward rather than consider slowing it down. This is what I learned from Diana: Wisdom wins!

Is there a dream that you have laid aside because you think you are getting too old to accomplish it? Consider Caleb’s words recorded in the Book of Joshua and keep chasing your dream!


“Now, as you can see, the Lord has kept me alive and well as he promised for all these forty-five years since Moses made this promise—even while Israel wandered in the wilderness. Today I am eighty-five years old. I am as strong now as I was when Moses sent me on that journey, and I can still travel and fight as well as I could then. So give me the hill country that the Lord promised me.” (Joshua 14:10-12a NLT)


Never, ever give up!

(I made this photograph of the pomegranate-colored orchid in my backyard in August 2013.)

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Linda Pulley Freeman combines her specialized training in environmental and chemical engineering with her deep ministerial commitment as she serves mission fields at home and abroad.

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