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Yesterday, I received an email from Pastor Nora Catipon (founder of the Cambodia School of Missions, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia), sharing two photos of the brand new well that had been installed at her student, Pastor That’s house-church. I was so excited!! In the email, Pastor Nora wrote:

“Thank you for helping this church and family that they have now clean water to use and drink. May the people in this village come to know Jesus, the Living water….”



Back in September 2014, our Cambodia 2014 Mission Team spent two days with Pastor That and children from that village, conducting a children’s ministry outreach program. In the midst of all the fun we were having, we found out that there was no access to a source of clean water in the village. Our team left feeling that we should assist this village with the installation of a water well.

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When we returned in November 2014 to complete work on the biogas digester at Teen Challenge Cambodia, we visited Pastor That at the Cambodian School of Missions and presented her with the money ($300USD) required to build this well.


To say that she was surprised when I handed her the envelope would be an understatement! She stood as still as a stone, trying to process the information that such a great need in her village was going to be met. Today, this well provides water to the house-church and to anyone in the village that needs water.

I am looking forward to returning to Cambodia in August 2015 and visiting this village!

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38 NIV

P.S. I was invited to be a guest on CTN’s Homekeeper Show to discuss my book “THRIVE!” I was able to share a little information about the mission trips to Cambodia too! Here is a link to that broadcast:

(Photo credits: Pastor That’s well photos, Nora Catipon, February 2015; September Mission Team, Lacy Beach, September 2014; November Mission Team, Linda Freeman, November 2014.)

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  • The way you write this, I can actually picture that moment of you presenting the check! What a wonderful gift to that community.

    • Paula:

      Yes! We hope to visit the well this August 2015.


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