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Kid Power Organics is committed to educating kids. 10% of all our sales support the Kid Power Organics Handwashing Project at Light of Future Schools.


When I traveled to Cambodia for the first time in October 2013, I had no idea how that particular mission trip would impact my life. My introduction to Cambodia and the needs of women and children in that country catapulted me onto a path that continues to expand. On my second mission trip to Cambodia in September 2014, our Trinity Cambodia Mission Team worked on an ambitious task list of projects including a biogas digester system for Teen Challenge Cambodia. These efforts were successful.


In addition to Teen Challenge, our mission teams have worked closely with Cambodian Care Ministries. Founders Koy Chhim and his wife Reny Phoeurk established Cambodian Care as an NGO in Cambodia with a big vision. They envisioned opening schools for children who live in poverty with no opportunity to attend school. Their first school, Light of Future School #1, opened in November 2014 with 100 students. Since then, two additional Light of Future (LOF) schools have opened. Current combined enrollment of all three schools is now 512 students.

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In August 2015, our mission team conducted a mobile medical clinic at each of the three LOF School sites, serving 191 people. During this trip, I began to brainstorm about ways to increase the sustainability of Cambodian Care’s Light of Future Schools.  Kid Power Organics is the result of this brainstorming. The natural body care products that I experimented with in my kitchen have become KidPower Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk Body Butter, Lip Balm, Beard Oil, and Beard Balm. In time, I hope to develop products in collaboration with Cambodian Care that can be made in Kratie Province utilizing the soon-to-be started Eco-farm.  This is truly a Big Idea!


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For more information about Cambodian Care’s Light of Future Schools, please click this link: LIGHT OF FUTURE SCHOOLS


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