Initiating KTECH

“SYNCHRONICITY: the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”


In less than six weeks, I will be leaving for Cambodia on a mission trip with a team from Trinity Church Miami.  This year, I am going to stay behind for an additional week with a small team to initiate a new idea that I have been working on: Kid Power Organics Technical School (KTECH).  My vision for KTECH is to reduce the risk of women and children becoming slaves in the human trafficking and/or sex trafficking industry by providing technical skills training and job creation.  When Koy Chhim, the founder of Cambodian Care Ministries, visited Miami in May, we spent time working on the logistics and curriculum for the first KTECH cohort.  This cohort will be the same group implementing the Kid Power Handwashing Project at Cambodian Care’s Light of Future Schools in September 2016.  In addition to learning the power of soap and water to reduce the incidence of preventable diseases, they will also begin learning how to make Kid Power Organics Products.
KTECH is a big idea I know will require time, perseverance, and persistence to completely develop, but I am energized and inspired by the possibilities.  I have also been inspired with how unexpected resources, partnerships, and additional ideas have been emerging as we plan for this cohort.  Carl Jung, the renowned psychologist, defined such occurrences as synchronicity.  For me, synchronicity is a sign post with an arrow that says, “Continue On This Pathway.”

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“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who eyes to see it.” ~ Carl Jung

(Photo Credits: Mike Bien-Aime, Miami, Florida, May 2016)

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